Installed optionally

The remote control 
of parameters:
  • The unit condition;

  • Average welding current, 
    wire feed and consumption rate;

  • Gas consumption rate;

  • Performed task;

  • Average heat input.

WeldWEB software builds «networks» 
of welding machines to record momentary 
and internal indicators of their operations.

The interference free package transfer of data performs well in industrial conditions even if HF ignition is used in TIG welding.

Data are transferred via a radio channel of the permitted frequency, with no physical  transfer of data on USB carriers.

Data communication frequency by radio channel is 433.09…434.73 MHz, that fits frequency range, which doesn`t need special permits of state authorities in most of the countries, including Russian Federation.

Transmission method is frequency modulation of FSK type with using of pseudorandom working frequency tuning (FHSS), that allows few systems to work simultaneously within current frequency range. Transmission power is 10 mW.