ECE 96%


For all devices


The welding power source operation costs are determined by the power consumption rate to a significant degree.
ROSWELD  power sources have the performance efficiency of 96%, and the performance efficiency of the power sources of other manufacturers ranges from 82% to 89%.


For example, welding is performed with the following parameters: 
current 350 А, voltage 32 V, arc power 11.2 kW.


Welding power source with the performance efficiency of 82% consumes 13.2 kW/h.

Welding power source with the performance efficiency of 96% consumes 11.6 kW/h.


For this reason, if ROSWELD  power source with the performance efficiency of 96% is used, electric power savings come to 1.6 kWh.


We assume that the unit operations 5 hours per shift. It means that the electric power savings is 5 х 1.6 = 8 kW per shift. On the average, there are 250 work days or 500 shifts in a year. If we have 10 ROSWELD  welding units, we have electric power savings of 500 х 10 х 8 = 40 MW per year.

If 1 kW costs $0.05 , the savings come to $ 2000 per year for 1 machine.

Besides, if ballast load resistors operate in the shop where the performance efficiency drop to 30%, by way of a similar calculation, we understand that we need to dispose of mid XX century equipment as the different in the electric power consumption rate may exceed four times such state-the-art power sources as ROSWELD.


Respectively, the amount of electric power savings may reach $10000.